SAMTRAK  provides the user with an easy cost effective method to manage their sample inventory.  Features include:

  • Ability to maintain a complete, accurate inventory of sample medications with up-to-date counts and expiration dates
  • Distribute samples to patients in accordance with physician instructions
  • Transfer samples between facility locations, as required
  • Document sample destructions at the appropriate time,
  • Run comprehensive reports on inventory status, distribution history, and destruction history.
  • SAMTRAK customers build and maintain their own formulary list, patient list, physician list, and location list for use in the program.
  • SAMTRAK customers control their own list of program users by assigning user names and passwords as well as granting specific user permissions.

SAMTRAK is available to users of MedData Services PAP software at a discounted rate, or as a standalone product.  For more information contact us or call 1-888-246-1085.